Bactericidal protection cement against secondary caries
Especially recommended for patients with difficult oral hygiene and small children.


The cavity is prepared carefully, and the caries-affected tissue removed from the cavity walls but not from pulp horn. Opening the pulp should be avoided. A thin liquid mixture is made of Copal varnish and Copperion cement powder, which is applied as a copper barrier onto the demineralised dentin. Two things happen: First, the copper ions are transported into the dentinal tubules and, secondly, the varnish forms a protective layer against possible acid pain. Subsequently, a longterm temporary cement filling is put in place, which can also serve as a lining.


Areas of Application

  • Healing cement to preserve vital teeth also with deep caries in combination with Hoffmann’s Copal varnish using a copper barrier
  • Minimal invasive caries treatment with modified ART technique
  • Fillings in deciduous teeth
  • Long-term temporary fillings, saliva-proof, with bactericidal effect
  • Lining with long-lasting bactericidal effect for all types of teeth (also for vital teeth)
  • Lining for all filling materials (composites and amalgam)
  • Core build-ups



READY2PROTECT Pocket + Kopal
Order No. Package size Colour Composition
8007020 Stick 10 x 1 g powder
Tube 1 x 5 ml liquid
Container 1 x 1 g powder
Bottle 1 x 5 ml Copal varnish
Powder: Zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, copper salts
Cement liquid: o-phosphoric acid
Copal varnish: Copal, ethanol



Instruction for Use
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Ready 2 Protect liquid
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Ready 2 Protect Pulver
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Copal Varnish liquid