Potency of the seaAlgen-bgreen-rohstoffe-Galerie

Algae are the oldest plants on our planet. Researchers assume a global total of more than 100,000 different species of algae. The algae filter valuable trace elements and minerals out of the sea through osmosis. Their nutrient density (amino acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins) is therefore unique in the plant world.Algen-rot-Rohstoffe-Galerie

The health-promoting active ingredients are fucoidan, which is obtained mainly from laminaria japonica, and alginic acid. Fucoidan plays an important role in the regeneration of tissue cells and has a strong anti-inflammatory potential. Alginic acid ensures that the cell walls of the algae are stabilized. The gel-like texture of alginic acid gives the algae intercellular strength and flexibility at the same time.

Algen-blau-Rohstoffe-GalerieThe sodium salt of brown algae is the sodium alginate used in Hoffmann’s Mare Fix. It is particularly rich in trace elements and fucoidan, and in contact with water or saliva it shows a natural clinging potency that makes it particularly suitable for the use in denture adhesive powder. It provides gentle adhesion properties and is at the same time neutral in taste.