Watermixable Carboxylate Cement for lining and luting

Areas of Application

To compensate for polymerisation shrinkage under composite fillings. The special material properties of AquaCC make it a perfect lining material. AquaCC expands minimally and can thus compensate for shrinkage of composites and prevent the formation of marginal gaps. AquaCC also acts as a barrier against the free radicals formed during polymerization. AquaCC contains zinc and has an antibacterial effect.



  • No acid pain, especially suitable for sensitive tooth stumps and when working without anaesthetics
  • Compressive strength well above the material standard
  • Exact dosage and reproducible cement properties
  • Ease handling
  • Easy removal of excess material


Further indications

  • Cementation of restorations on implants
  • Core build-ups
  • Long-term temporary fillings


Aesthetics / Tip

AquaCC is available in two colours: universal toothcolour and light pink. The opacity of the lining cement ensures harmonious priming and retention of the colour stability even for longer periods of time. Due to the light pink hue, a particularly vivid effect can be achieved.


Order No. Package size Colour Composition
8037010 Stick 10 x 1 g powder
Dosing water bottle
universal Zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, polyacrylic acid



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