Zinc phosphate cement for oxidceramic
ISO 9917

Areas of Application

Try-in of different coloured cements and definitive
cementation with the possibility of:

1.Chairside colour shade correction of the restoration to adapt to the remaining teeth

  • Ligthening (colour 01 and shades mixed with 01)
  • Darkening (colour 07, 10, 11)
  • Colour shade correction of restorations (all colour shades and mixed shades)

2. Matching of differently shaded tooth stumps

3. Imitation of perfused pulp (pink trick)


  • No opaquer
  • No correction firing
  • Well-tolerated mineral food colours
  • Test fluid approved as foodstuff
  • Very low allergy potential in accordance with biocompatibility of oxide ceramics
  • Low film thickness with optimum grain size distribution for a stable micromechanical bond


Phosphate cements are very successfully used with ceramics that have a firmness of over 200 MPa. These include zirconium dioxide, aluminium oxide as well as lithium disilicate ceramic. The restorations are more or less translucent depending on the material strength. Differently coloured stumps, metal posts and cores or implant abutments must first be covered so that the overall aesthetic result is consistent.
Phosphate cements are opaque. The opacity of the cement can be used to obtain uniform priming, or even to mimic a vital pulp. The cement colours of the shade set can be mixed together to achieve a custom colour scheme without sending the restauration back to the laboratory. With the help of the test fluid, a try-in can be carried out (no temporary cementation).



Colour 07 Colour 11


Hoffmann´s ISO standard
Setting time: 4:00 – 7:30 min 2:30 – 8:00 min.
Compressive strength: 90 – 130 MPa 50 Mpa
Film thickness: < 20 μm < 25 μm


Order No. Package size Colour Composition
82200 1 x 100 g, powder
4 x 30 g, powder
01,07,10,11,15 Powder: Zinc oxide, magnesium oxide
1 x 40 ml, cement liquid Cement liquid: o-phosphoric acid
1 x 40 ml, test fluid Test fluid: Propane-I,II,III-Triol


Order No. Package size Colour
82201 1 x 100 g, powder 01 white
82507 1 x 30 g, powder 07 gold brown
82510 1 x 30 g, powder 10 green-grey
82511 1 x 30 g, powder 11 blue-grey
82515 1 x 30 g, powder 15 pink
82300 1 x 40 ml, cement liquid
88800 1 x 40 ml, test fluid



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