Adhesive wax speciality – breaks like glass

Areas of Application

  • Blocking out undercuts on the model
  • Fixation of parts to be soldered before making the soldering model
  • Crown and bridge modellation: Fixation of model to a casting funnel, blocking and securing the cap to a bridge
  • Re-fixation of severed bridge modellations in order to prevent tension in the wax
  • Fracture repairs of prostheses: Fixation of broken denture bases or chipped teeth for subsequent making of model or matrix
  • Fixation of the maxilla and mandible for insertion in an articulator


Benefits of Hoffmann’s adhesive wax

  • Particularly suitably for the traditional direct wax technique
  • Stick shape very easily workable by heating the wax directly over a flame (drips) or controlled melting on a hot instrument
  • Excellent adhesive properties; adheres to gypsum or other dental materials
  • Made of pure natural raw materials
  • 100% error control, no undetected warping of modellations or fixations: the material is hard and brittle at room temperature; the wax does not bend but breaks under load
  • Easy removal using steam
  • Residue-free combustion – with the pleasant smell of beeswax


Order No. Package size Colour Composition
82914 14 sticks, 70 g red Colophony, bees wax, carnauba wax
82913 14 sticks, 70 g yellow Colophony, bees wax, carnauba wax



[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”i”] Instruction for Use
[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”i”] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) red
[wp-svg-icons icon=”file-3″ wrap=”i”] Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) yellow