Temporary filling cement with antibacterial properties.

Areas of Application

  • Classic short-term temporary closure of cavities


Advantages of Hoffmann´s temporary cement

  • Easily removable from the cavity
  • Saliva-proof over a period of one month
  • Biocompatible due to exclusively inorganic ingredients

For classic short-term temporary fillings, Hoffmann’s Temporary Cement is saliva-proof over a period of one month and can be used for temporary sealing. The durability of the temporary seal strongly depends on the oral flora and oral hygiene, as well as the diet of the individual patient.


Order No. Package size Colour Composition
8100203 1 x 50 g, powder Powder: Zinc oxide, aluminium hydroxide
8100300 1 x 40 ml liquid Liquid: o-phosphoric acid



Instruction for Use
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) liquid
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) powder
Security Features
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