Universal phosphate cement powder for use with 3 different liquids

To be used with one of the three liquids:
Hoffmann´s Cement normal
Hoffmann´s Cement quick
Hoffmann´s Carboxylate Cement

Areas of application depending upon used liquid

  • Lining for all filling materials (amalgam, composites)
  • Cementation of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made of precious metal, non-precious metal as well as metal ceramic and all-ceramic (zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide and lithium disilicate ceramic)
  • Cementation of implant-supported crowns and bridges
  • Cementation of orthodontic bands
  • Cementation of retention pins and screws
  • Core build-ups
  • Long-term temporary fillings
  • Fillings in deciduous teeth

Advantages of Hoffmann´s universal cement

  • Can be combined with three different cement liquids
  • A retail favourite, as it requires only one shelf space


Order No. Package size Colour Composition
80032-(Colour) 1 x 100 g powder 01-15 Powder: Zinc oxide, magnesium oxide
Cement liquid: o-phosphoric acid, polyacrylic acid



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