Burning passion

The success story of Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur, as a specialist for high-quality luting and lining cements on zinc phosphate basis, began 115 years ago with a hand-fi red coke oven. In those days the stoker and fi re foreman had to fi re up the oven for many days up to a maximum temperature of almost 1400 degrees Celsius. To this day the raw material mixture is fi lled into saggers per hand, before a computer controlled highperformance oven burns them to hard cement blocks at the exact degrees needed.

After burning, a threestage grinding process takes place in order to achieve the ideal grain size distribution of the cement. Only fi ne particle cements with a fi lm thickness of max. 25 µm are produced exclusively.


The worker in focus

The production owes its success to the combination of handed-down technical know-how with state-of-the-art production technology. Ultra-modern machines are used as well as traditional specialist facilities.

All production and sales processes are placed in skilled hands at Hoffmann Dental. A high level of vertical integration secures independency and know-how.


From Berlin across the globe

The company has gone through ups and downs together with the city of Berlin and has always remained true to the city. The company chronicles describe very difficult production conditions during both World Wars and the blockade and even mention dentists that travelled by bicycle for several days in order to exchange bread and butter for tooth cement.

Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur today has 3000m2 of production area, laboratories, offices and a conference centre directly by the Teltow canal, in the heart of the vibrant city, with a direct connection to the city expressway and airport, 15 minutes away from the Brandenburg Gate.
An air-conditioned high-rack warehouse serves to supply dental retailers in 52 countries with Hoffmann Dental Manufaktur products within merely a few days.